PlaceIQ Delivers Rich Consumer Insights by Harnessing Powerful Oracle Data Cloud Capabilities

Introduction: PlaceIQ


PlaceIQ offers a robust platform of services that identifies and analyzes specific audiences based on location, time, and behavior emanating from mobile devices. Leading companies across a wide range of sectors—including CPG, retail, automotive, entertainment, electronics, and others—rely on PlaceIQ’s patented technology that creates high-quality engagement and consumer insights.


PlaceIQ interprets massive amounts of data on a continual basis in order to help marketers understand consumer behavior. PlaceIQ drives connections between digital and physical attributes through the lens of locational context, with the resulting insights capable of dynamically informing decisions across all marketing touchpoints. PlaceIQ also uses a wide variety of consumer data and proprietary data science techniques to extrapolate and predict future behavior.

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PlaceIQ couples their understanding of mobile location signals with other important behavioral data streams, such as media listening and viewing habits, purchases, web traffic and other sources to holistically understand consumers. To gain insight into how PlaceIQ leverages Oracle Data Cloud capabilities, IDC spoke to Duncan McCall, CEO, and Nadya Kohl, SVP of Business Development at PlaceIQ.

According to McCall, location should be the key way to organize data.

PlaceIQ uses location as a way to understand how consumers move throughout the world, ingesting approximately a trillion data points in the U.S., with 30 to 40 different datasets describing important contextual variables. These include physical geography/cartography, points of interest, hyperlocal demographics, events, social sentiment, auto ownership, TV viewership, and retail purchases.

Then, PlaceIQ interprets 10 billion movement data signals per day from opted-in smartphone devices, and fuses it with the contextual data to yield “real-world behavior” insights for 100+ million consumers in the U.S. These behavioral insights can then be utilized for targeting and measurement across a series of marketing applications such as mobile advertising, video, social, television through addressable TV, email, or via CRM.


McCall wants people to think of PlaceIQ as a company that’s working to build a new understanding of consumer behavior based upon location data—one that harnesses where consumers go to define who they are at each place and time.

The Oracle Data Cloud Solution

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Today, PlaceIQ consumes data from the Oracle Data Cloud, specifically Datalogix and Polk data. These two datasets are heavily used by PlaceIQ for audience creation, targeting, and analytics on behalf of marketers.

PlaceIQ combines this data with their first-party location data in campaigns to deliver audience targeting and analytics to help the marketer understand use cases to tie directly back to sales data, which are part of the outcome of these campaigns.

McCall gives the following example: “If you’re an automotive brand like Dodge, you could have PlaceIQ construct an audience of everybody who owns a Dodge who’s recently been to a Toyota dealership, in order to market to those people. Or, they could find everyone who owns a Dodge minivan and goes to the beach during the summer and participates in other events like little league, in order to talk to them about a new accessory that suits their lifestyle, like an in-car vacuum cleaner. Finally, an auto brand can understand if and how marketing actions drive car purchases. This represents an example of where PlaceIQ combines its first-party data describing where the consumers go in the world with the third-party Datalogix and Polk data.”

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According to McCall, “We’ve been very fortunate to partner with Oracle Data Cloud using Datalogix data to further what it means to understand consumer behavior. They provide a truly unique dataset that adds a crucial layer for understanding how marketing affects myriad purchase behaviors.”

“Aligning our data provides insights that accurately reveal the consumer journey to purchase. Datalogix historically has been at the forefront of innovation and has shown itself as an organization that’s willing to experiment and try new things — another reason why we are very happy to continue to partner with them.”

Looking Ahead

McCall says that the combination of Datalogix with Oracle Data Cloud has been very good for their business. He views Oracle as a serious player in the value-added marketing technology market and values Oracle’s focus on building a world-class data company. He also sees Oracle as a premier partner offering a tremendous amount of commitment and resources from the Oracle Data Cloud to develop groundbreaking future products. Overall, the inclusion of Datalogix into Oracle Data Cloud has provided a significant advantage for PlaceIQ.

PlaceIQ sees the world as increasingly digital, with marketing and sales organizations that don’t understand digital data as falling far, far behind. They believe that digital data can work to deliver the dream of one-to-one marketing. The company’s overall theme is that organizations are just at the beginning of a data-driven journey and digital data is being used to revolutionize the customer relationship management experience and the marketing experience. McCall believes that overall, Oracle also has embraced this notion and are at the forefront of it, both from a buy side and a sell side. McCall believes that overall, Oracle has also embraced this notion and are at the forefront of it, both from a buy side and a sell side.

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The project and company information contained in this document was obtained from multiple sources, including information supplied by Oracle, questions posed by IDC directly to PlaceIQ employees, and PlaceIQ corporate documents.

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