Heineken Partners with Oracle Data Cloud to Understand and Measure Consumer Preferences

Introduction: Heineken


Led by the Heineken brand, the group has a powerful portfolio of hundreds of international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders.


IDC talked with Ron Amram, Senior Media Director, Heineken USA and media practice lead across all brands. His purview includes all media, including TV and Digital. The brand portfolio includes Heineken USA, Dos Equis, Tecate, Newcastle, Strongbow, and others marketed and sold within the U.S.

“We’re about 30% digital right now,” Amram reports. “With that data, it’s becoming a key part of what we do with respect to being more targeted in how we approach the audiences for our brand and measure impact. We’re measuring media for effect, which is sales in my view.”

Heineken uses Datalogix data from Oracle Data Cloud to help it target and influence beer purchasers. And, more importantly, to help Heineken measure its media effectiveness on short-term sales.

The Oracle Data-as-a-Service Solution

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According to Amram, prior to working with Oracle Data Cloud, Heineken did marketing analysis through the use of modeling and “looser” KPIs, like consumer awareness, consideration, intent to purchase lift, and other panel-based tools.

Heineken first started using Oracle Data Cloud as a cloud-based analytics service to do the analysis and prepare the reports for Heineken’s management team. With this data, Heineken was able to see and measure, for the first time, what creative advertising consumers had and had not seen. The company could now measure the lift, based on message, scale of the media, as well as reach and the frequency.

Today, Heineken can truly focus on which households buy beer and develop strategies and campaigns that target beer buyers to change their buying behavior and influence new entrants into the category.

Oracle Data Cloud has become Heineken’s data and analytics backbone. Now, they can identify who they should be targeting, minimize waste and measure effectiveness—seamlessly. That’s allowed them to validate what’s effective and what’s not in the digital space. It’s also allowed them to optimize media mix and to emphasize the importance of digital.

The reports generated through Oracle Data Cloud have been very effective in making their partners understand the value of digital marketing. In today’s world, if your demographic is 21-34 and you’re not advertising in digital, you’re not going to be doing an effective job.

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Heineken used panel-based research to make judgments on creative decisions for advertising. Now, Oracle Data Cloud analytics is the ultimate arbiter. Oracle Data Cloud enabled Heineken to test the effectiveness of not only the media, but the message.

Partnering with Oracle Data Cloud added a layer of transparency to Heineken marketing that previously didn’t exist. For Heineken, Oracle Data Cloud has become the yardstick by which Heineken measures value for their marketing spend.

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The project and company information contained in this document was obtained from multiple sources, including information supplied by Oracle, questions posed by IDC directly to Heineken employees, and Heineken corporate documents.

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