Equifax Leverages Oracle’s Data-as-a-Service for More Effective Consumer Insights

Introduction: IXI Services


IXI Services enables its clients to differentiate and target consumer households and markets based on proprietary measures of wealth, income, spending capacity, credit, share-of-wallet, and share-of-market. As a division of Equifax, IXI Services integrates with Equifax’s suite of differentiated data and solutions, offering clients deep consumer insights to address their business challenges.


Offering multidimensional insights, including a foundation of measured assets and leading edge online platforms, IXI helps financial services and consumer marketing firms accelerate decision-making in order to achieve their business goals, such as better identifying customers with the greatest opportunity, or making smarter resource allocations and marketing decisions based on the growth potential and product preferences within target markets. To gain insight into how IXI uses Oracle Data as a Service, IDC spoke to Jeff Sporn, SVP & GM for Digital Solutions at IXI Services.


“IXI offers a proprietary and unique dataset based on feeds from financial institutions. IXI acquires anonymous consumer asset data twice a year throughout the U.S.,” says Sporn. “We turn this data into high-value marketing products. No personal identifiable information (PII) is ever delivered. For additional privacy protection, IXI aggregates data to a micro-neighborhood level, that’s a minimum number of households, to turn that into targeted marketing segments. We have two primary sources of data; one is financial information from IXI, and the other is anonymous, aggregated credit data coming from Equifax itself.”

The Oracle Data Cloud Solution

The Oracle Data Cloud serves as one of IXI’s interfaces to many advertisers and platforms. IXI has been in the business of marketing data solutions for over 20 years — primarily with offline data — prior to working with Oracle.

IXI works directly with clients providing them with IXI solutions, and works to implement these solutions from a marketing perspective, which has been a growing business. However, recognizing the huge growth opportunity within the digital marketing space, IXI had to find a way to allow those solutions to be implemented digitally, particularly for display advertising. The impact of that decision caused IXI to create online solutions that were either cookie- or IP address-based, and to look for the proper distribution channels for those solutions.

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According to Sporn, Oracle Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) represents a way for IXI to massively increase its scale. While IXI does integrate directly with some partners, Oracle Data Cloud became a destination for advertisers to acquire high-quality data and activate that data through any of hundreds of activation partners. As part of this digital distribution strategy, IXI quickly realized that Oracle Data Cloud offered them the scale they needed to reach target audiences. Because Oracle Data Cloud is vendor agnostic, IXI realized they could leverage their data assets in a variety of other platforms and network publishers.

From a technology perspective, IXI accesses Oracle data through the Oracle Data Management Platform. Through this integration, IXI has acquired new customers and continues to realize the benefits of repeat customers through Oracle Data Cloud solutions, which IXI considers to be a key indicator of success. Reporting and analytics is a key aspect of IXI’s relationship with Oracle Data Cloud. IXI relies on these metrics to understand the sales cycle, and which customers have been receptive to their services. This is especially critical because IXI has both direct and indirect relationships with clients.

Looking Ahead

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Going forward, IXI is planning to offer additional audience segments. According to Sporn, another upside to using Oracle Data Cloud is the consultative approach offered — identifying what are the needs and trends in the market. Even though IXI has quality datasets, they’re always on the lookout for new, unique data and Oracle Data Cloud is one of the first to know what data is highly sought by customers and prospects.

Both IXI and Oracle are investing more heavily in measurement, and Sporn is in favor of partnerships in that direction. Sporn sees Oracle as a player across the board, especially in emerging areas such as mobile and even connected TV. Sporn sees targeting as just one use case where IXI’s data can be used. Other use cases where IXI data can be useful are in measurement solutions, in predictive solutions, even competitive assessment and market overviews. Sporn feels that Oracle is on the forefront of these emerging markets. “The depth and breadth of Oracle Data Cloud’s vendors and partnerships is a great strength and advantage in the marketplace,” he says.

Sporn believes that Oracle’s data solutions are the easiest, fastest way to spread data throughout the ecosystem. Oracle’s widespread distribution model is the single largest advantage for IXI to drive new and existing client relationships.

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The project and company information contained in this document was obtained from multiple sources, including information supplied by Oracle, questions posed by IDC directly to Equifax employees, and Equifax corporate documents.

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